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sandra Zegarra Patow | CBKR - Rotterdamse Kunstenaars

sandra Zegarra Patow



werkgebiedfotografie, ruimtelijk werk
techniekdigitale technieken, fotografie, gecombineerde technieken, geluid
materiaalgecombineerde materialen


Inspired by my Peruvian roots, I compose images in a poetic harmony of the odd. For me photography isn’t only about creating my own bubble where I let people explore. With my message, I want to give my audience a different insight to certain topics and most of the times it’s related to taboos. With distorted bodies, dreamy patterns and vivid colours, I invite people to look into my mind. When it comes to creating images, photography gives me the opportunity to give my point of view of a story I want to tell, as a visual artist I feel like I have the responsibility to help people with sharing a story. Manipulated perceptions that can reflect opinions, feelings, and impressions infinite points of views.

erkende vakopleiding(en) in Nederland
periodenaam instellingstudierichtingdiploma
2014 - 2018 Den Haag - Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten Interactive Media Designja
2012 - 2014 Den Haag - Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten Fotografienee
andere opleidingen in Nederland of (erkende) vakopleidingen in het buitenland
periodenaam instellingplaatslandsoort opleidingdiploma
2004 - 2006Grafisch Lyceum RotterdamRotterdam Nederland Graphic Design, Print Media and Photographyja
workshops of cursussen ter ondersteuning van de beroepspraktijk
jaarnaam instellingplaatssoort opleiding
2006Fotovakschool basisopleidingRotterdamfotografie
werkt zowel vrij als in opdracht
tentoonstellingen & presentaties
jaar  expositieruimte  plaats land soort
2018 Pica Pica Zomerparade: Jeremy Garcia & Sandra Zegarra Patow Rotterdam Nederland solo
2018 The Grey Space in the middle Strange Fruits in a Glasshouse – Exhibition & Club Night Den Haag Nederland duo
2017 Showroom MAMA project mami.bricks Rotterdam Nederland duo
2016 Filmhuis Den Haag Den Haag Nederland solo
Tent Rotteram Nederland duo
jaartitelomschrijving / samenwerking metlocatieland
2018CrazeFetish seriesRotterdam Nederland
2018The people of the Performance barPhotographing the people who performed or are part of the performance barRotterdam Nederland
2018Ode to springCommissioned work for The Scenario Moving from the cold and dark to springtime and into that good season. ‘Ode to Spring’ with @thescenario_Rotterdam Nederland
2017Free Atlastphoto series about women who demonstrate their freedom by unveiling their breast. This action first and foremost requires courage. For me its more about the self-consciousness of these women then showing something sexual. Not showing their faces is parRotterdam Nederland
2017De Kracht van RotterdamTo keep up you must follow my rhythm and my heart, with boldness and speed. It’s a game that requires discipline and courage. Rotterdam is known for its diversity and constant changes. Hoogvliet is hidden in the unknown but those who chase the rush of Hoogvliet Nederland
2014AyahuascaThis project is about the use of the Peruvian healing plant ; Ayahuasca and its effect on mind and body, using mental and physical transformation as focus point. For this series I have worked together with stylist Inez Naomi. As for the clothing, we’ve usRotterdam Nederland
starteindinstelling / opdrachtgeverplaatsland
20202020Portraits of Piura (Retratos Piuranos) is a photogPiura Peru
jaar titel uitgever soort uitgave
2017panta magazine anders
2015Elegant Magazine anders
2015Anon Magazine anders