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Vincent Ceraudo | CBKR - Rotterdamse Kunstenaars

Vincent Ceraudo



werkgebiedinstallaties, video
techniekdigitale technieken, film, fotografie, video
materiaaltextiele materialen


The areas of my work range from photographs, video and film, to installations, performance and books, calling into question perception, the constructs of rationalism, culture, and capitalism. By taking several historical plots to reveal through various recordings and images what might exist outside the rational dimension of our experience, my works is an attempt to probe the boundaries of perception. In my effort to capture abstract but tangible forms, interferences and gaps, uncertainty and the imperceptible which form our relation to the world through perception, questionning the materiality of moving images and their conceptual meanings. I am interested in mo- ments when the feeling of reality slip through our hands and I try to questions perception and its ac- ceptable boundaries.
I recall what comes from these moments «ethereal recordings». These are moments of bearings loss and troubles, allowing us to push aside any form of control rendering the space unstable in order to make it loose its apparent reality.
Books, other philosophic, literary, esoteric or scientific reviews, music and other things created by artists (or not) are my principal inspiration. I am fascinated by facts that are simply excluded from our conception of reality, I think they probably belong to some different worlds or states of perception or even to some unknown to us.

erkende vakopleiding(en) in Nederland
periodenaam instellingstudierichtingdiploma
2016 - 2018 Amsterdam - De Ateliers
andere opleidingen in Nederland of (erkende) vakopleidingen in het buitenland
periodenaam instellingplaatslandsoort opleidingdiploma
2016 - 2016Skoweghan,school of painting and sculptureN.Y United States Minor Outlying Eilanden Visual Arts2016
2016 - 2018De, AteliersAmsterdamVisual Arts2018
2015 - 2016Le Fresnoy, Studio national des arts contemporainsTourcoing Frankrijk Visual Arts2016
2008 - 2012Villa ArsonNice Frankrijk Visual Arts2012
werkt zowel vrij als in opdracht
tentoonstellingen & presentaties
jaar  expositieruimte  plaats land soort
2017 Maison européenne de la photographie Paris groeps
Centre Pompidou Paris Frankrijk duo
Good Morning Midnight Amsterdam solo
Lo schermo dell'Arte Film Festival Firenze Italië groeps
Macro Muse d'arte Contemporanea Roma Italië solo
jaartitelomschrijving / samenwerking metlocatieland
2018Out Of Body35 mm film installationDe Ateliers
2018The ProjectionnistVideo HD color/soundDe Ateliers
2017LiminalityPhotogram mounted on board on the public spaceMois de la photo du grand Paris, Guets artist of Salon de Montrouge
2016The ObservatoryVideo HD color/soundCentre Pompidou, Paris
2015Paris City GhostVideo HD black and white soundMacro Museo d'Arte Contemporanea, Roma
2014The distance between you and I Video HD black and whiteMUMA museum, Melbourne, Australia
starteindinstelling / opdrachtgeverplaatsland
20182018 Antonio Ratti Italië
20162018 Ateliers
20152015 Ateliers
jaar titel uitgever soort uitgave
2019How To BeginMotto Berlin catalogus groepsexpositie
2018Good Morning MidnightDe Ateliers catalogus groepsexpositie
2015physic/psychicédition Group kunstenaarsboek
gepubliceerd in de media
jaar naam media typering
2018 recensie expositie
2018 recensie expositie
2018 algemene bespreking werk
2018 interview
2017 recensie expositie
2017 algemene bespreking werk
huidige nevenactiviteiten / toegepaste activiteiten
periodeomschrijving instelling / opdrachtgever
2017 - 2017 lezingen National school of visual Arts, Lyon
2017 - 2017 lezingen SIVA, Shanghai visual school of Art
Heeft belangstelling voor:
advies en bemiddeling
assistentie kunstopdracht
fotografie/video in opdracht
2014Art-O-Rama, 1st prize of the show-room, Marseille