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Lisa Kuglitsch | CBKR - Rotterdamse Kunstenaars

Lisa Kuglitsch


geboortejaar1988 (Oostenrijk)


werkgebiedruimtelijk werk, installaties, schilderen
techniekgecombineerde technieken, andere schildertechnieken
materiaalandere materialen, gecombineerde materialen


In my works I endeavor to establish intermedial dialogues with imagery and objects. The pictorial quality of sculptural language and the sculptural quality of pictorial compositions is an ongoing field of interest in my practice. Working with two- and three- dimensional elements and relating to site-specific surroundings is central to my interest in creating multi layered spatial installations. I deal with questions of staging and representing – the exhibition of objects, the production of space and the (re-)presentation of objects in terms of individual and collective ideas. I play with common imagery, materials and objects, transforming them by physical manipulation and different techniques. I combine found objects, personal material as well as self produced sculptures and arrange them into sequences. It is essential to my practice to source from unusual coincidences, moments of rapture and the banal of the everyday.

The experimental moment due to working with diverse materials, techniques and media is crucial in my artistic practice. I am not following a strict working process but focus on a practice of phases – collecting and gathering material, arranging and combining elements, re-producing and imitating objects, selecting and displaying. This phases can repeat several times, it is an ongoing switching and remixing within those steps.
Playfulness and intuition are key aspects as well as conceptual intensions within my works. I would like to see my work as invitations to observe and discover. To wonder in space, scan it, to capture constellations and connections and to get lost in certain details.

andere opleidingen in Nederland of (erkende) vakopleidingen in het buitenland
periodenaam instellingplaatslandsoort opleidingdiploma
2011 - 2016University of Applied Arts ViennaVienna Oostenrijk fine arts2016
workshops of cursussen ter ondersteuning van de beroepspraktijk
jaarnaam instellingplaatssoort opleiding
2015Hogeschool voor de kunstenUtrechtfine arts
werkt zowel vrij als in opdracht
tentoonstellingen & presentaties
jaar  expositieruimte  plaats land soort
2017 Aa Collections Vienna Oostenrijk groeps
2017 galerie Gallery Rotterdam Nederland solo
2016 white dwarf projects Vienna Oostenrijk solo
2016 Paulusplatz5 Vienna Oostenrijk solo
2016 wellwellwell Vienna Oostenrijk groeps
starteindinstelling / opdrachtgeverplaatsland
20172017Foundation B.a.dRotterdam Nederland
20172018NACRotterdam Nederland
gepubliceerd in de media
jaar naam media typering
2018Art Reveal Magazine interview