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Ariane Trümper | CBKR - Rotterdamse Kunstenaars

Ariane Trümper


geboortejaar1984 (Duitsland)
Ariane Trümper


werkgebiedinstallaties, mediakunst, video
techniekdigitale technieken, fotografie, geluid, mechanica, video
materiaalgecombineerde materialen


I like to surprise! I like to surprise with things that are already there the whole time, but stayed unnoticed. I want to open up new perspectives, let the spectator, or better the perceiver, over-think his way of interpreting his environment.
I work with spaces and the experience of thus. In the centre of my work I place the perceiver, somebody whose brain interprets the perception according to what it has learned, whose is unique and subjective, but in this alike everybody else. It is about them experiencing their own presence and the presence of others.
I make installations, that are location based, that relate and often thematize a specific space and how it is used by people. I try to work with the relation that exists between the human and the environment. Rather then wanting to create a new world to enter, I try to enter the world of others. I try to foresee how they probably will experience a space, to disrupt these expectations and through this create consciousness. I want to mix up the predefined rules and associations that every space and material comes along with, to combine live images with pre-recorded pictures, chaos with order, squares with circles and presence with absence.

I want to address you personally, but I never want to scream at you, never force you to do anything you don't want. I want to leave space for individuality and create an open, conscious mind, that is aware of its being.
Nothing is total in live, everything is relative and just an interpretation, one truth of many depending on the perspective.

erkende vakopleiding(en) in Nederland
periodenaam instellingstudierichtingdiploma
2012 - 2014 Groningen - Frank Mohr Institute ScenographyMFA
andere opleidingen in Nederland of (erkende) vakopleidingen in het buitenland
periodenaam instellingplaatslandsoort opleidingdiploma
2005 - 2008Lette VereinBerlijn Duitsland mode ontwerper
werkt zowel vrij als in opdracht
tentoonstellingen & presentaties
jaar  expositieruimte  plaats land soort
2019 Science day Aachen Aachen Duitsland groeps
2018 Museum of Contemporary Art Istria - Festival Media Mediterranea 20: Technology + Nature Museum of Contemporary Art Istria, Pula Kroatië solo
2016 Travohuisje Studio Omstand, PULSE Arnhem Nederland solo
2015 Exhibition Positionen Loebau Duitsland groeps
2014 FOLDED, De Lichtfabriek Haarlem Nederland groeps
2014 UNFOLDED, np3 Groningen Nederland groeps
2014 Reference Frame, The New Bridge Project Newcastle Verenigd Koninkrijk groeps
2012 Temporarily Defined, SMAHK Assen Nederland groeps
jaartitelomschrijving / samenwerking metlocatieland
2018Fringe festival - Heute wird Morgen Gestern sein (Amsterdam)Performative InstallationDansmakers, Amsterdam Nederland
2018THIS IS WHY (II)Light/wind Installation for fashion label THIS IS WHYMönchengladbach Duitsland
2018DakgefluisterAudio Installation at the Festival Rotterdamse DakendagenCentral Post, Rotterdam Nederland
2017Makersdag - experience 1+2Test showing of A/V workHet Huis, Utrecht Nederland
2016Why Theatre XL: On SpectatorshipPresentation & making of Repeating Dissolution IIIHet Huis, Utrecht Nederland
2015NEUNOW Online FestivalOnline presentation of work Heat of the MomentNEUNOW website Nederland
2015Zukunftsvisionen FestivalSite-specific InstallationGörlitz Duitsland
2015Festival Fort Minable FormidableMaplap /HKUUtrecht Nederland
2014Theatre Festival Over het IJZeecontainerprogrammaAmsterdam Nederland
2013Energize FestivalSite-specific installationGroningen Nederland
starteindinstelling / opdrachtgeverplaatsland
20182018V2 Summer Sessions, Metamedia PulaPula Kroatië
20152015Open Art Lab ZukunftsvisionenGörlitz Duitsland
jaarinstelling / opdrachtgeversoort
2016 CBK Rotterdam Ontwikkeling- en Onderzoekssubsidies
2015 Theaterfestival Schillertage participation in educational festival program
2014 Aufstiegsstipendium financial support
2015Special Art Prize Gallery Flox