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Sol Archer | CBKR - Rotterdamse Kunstenaars

Sol Archer



werkgebiedruimtelijk werk, fotografie, video
techniekfotografie, geluid, video, zeefdruk, potlood
materiaalandere metalen / legeringen, beton, textiele materialen
erkende vakopleiding(en) in Nederland
periodenaam instellingstudierichtingdiploma
2013 - 2015 Rotterdam - Piet Zwart Instituut
werkt zowel vrij als in opdracht
tentoonstellingen & presentaties
jaar  expositieruimte  plaats land soort
2017 FGFG K Jan Van Nederland groeps
2016 The Headless City, TULCA Festival of Visual Arts TULCA Festival. The Fairgreen. Ierland groeps
2016 Constellation The Undercroft, Norwich, school of Arts, Norwich U Verenigd Koninkrijk groeps
2015 Lodgers 4 MuKHA Antwerp België groeps
2015 art streams, RAM RAM Foundation, Rot Nederland groeps
2015 High Rise Hofpoort, Rotterdam Nederland groeps
2015 University of California Gallery Santa Barbara California Verenigde Staten groeps
2014 Cairo Video festival Medrar Gallery, Cairo Egypte groeps
2014 Kodra Action Field Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Griekenland groeps
2014 Sydney Biennial Sydney Australië groeps
jaartitelomschrijving / samenwerking metlocatieland
2015in the company of menThrough a found photo album covering a year in the life of a young man doing national service in 1977 the performance and development of norms, socialised behaviour, nation, and adulthood gradually emerges in the interplay between family and military spacRotterdam
2015Dispatches from FuturelandThe construction of New Land in the Maasvlakte, territory built to house fully automated harbours for Rotterdam Port signals the clash of forms of spectacle, that of the inhuman sublime of modern industry, and that of the staged visibility of worker proteRotterdam
2014Death comes home to farmIn March 1962, just after lunchtime an experimental nuclear bomber, the Handley Page Victor, crash landed into a farmhouse in Lincolnshire. Through conversations with a woman who was in the house at the time, her farm foreman who rescued both her and her Rotterdam / Lincolnshire UK Nederland
2014They were sleeping, it was at night.On the border with Germany is a small town called Glannerbrug. In 1990 a meteorite fell through a house roof during the night. Through asking people on the street and shopkeepers I follow the story of the incident, trying to locate the site as it is rememGlannerbrug / Rotterdam Nederland
starteindinstelling / opdrachtgeverplaatsland
20162017Jan van Eyck AcademieMaastricht Nederland
20152016AIR and MuKHA AntwerpAntwerp België
huidige nevenactiviteiten / toegepaste activiteiten
periodeomschrijving instelling / opdrachtgever
2016 - 2016 docentschap e.a. kunsteducatief werk Autonomous Practices presentation, WDKA
2016 - 2016 docentschap e.a. kunsteducatief werk Presentation on Science Fiction as method, Masters
2016 - 2016 docentschap e.a. kunsteducatief werk Presentation on Human and union histories in globa
2016 - 2017 andere activiteiten Ongoing theatre/film workshops with teenagers at d
jaarinstelling / opdrachtgeversoort
2016 Mondriaan Fonds support of postgraduate research residency
2015 Materiaalfonds voor beelende kunst
2015 CBK Ontwikkeling- en Onderzoekssubsidies