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Justin Wijers | CBKR - Rotterdamse Kunstenaars

Justin Wijers



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  • AANWINST - kunstcollectie Hogeschool Rotterdam
  • REX # 1 Alumnimagazine WdKA


My art is about victims of violence, it’s the basis of my biggest frustration. Where once the focus lay on the moment of passing, my main interest now is more and more about the backgrounds. How can it be that people hurt each other? What are their motives that make them in to fighters and killers? To be confronted with suffering, the behavior it generates, processing this grief and especially my ability to pass a correct judgment is increasingly important. How can I, with only the narrow view of the media, judge the lives of others? I don’t know a thing for sure, have no specialist knowledge but, by learning about as many topics as possible and combining these learned observations, try to uncover interdependencies. My feelings of sadness and aggression, powerlessness and frustration are transformed into images that may tempt the viewer to make new associations and thus leading to new views on violent conflicts.
By showing your uncertainty and question everything you see around you and dare to revise the choices you’ve made, it might be possible to gain new insights. Uncertainty and not wanting to make choices should not necessarily be seen as a sign of weakness. And maybe not all problems need a solution.

erkende vakopleiding(en) in Nederland
periodenaam instellingstudierichtingdiploma
2000 - 2004 Rotterdam - Willem de Kooning Academie Autonome beeldende kunst2004
Galerie Maurits van de Laar
Herderstraat 6
2512 CV Den Haag 070-3640151
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tentoonstellingen & presentaties
jaar  expositieruimte  plaats land soort
Amsterdam Art Fair Amsterdam Nederland groeps
Amsterdam Drawing Amsterdam Nederland groeps
Maurits van de Laar Den Haag Nederland groeps
Museum Boijmans van Beuningen Rotterdam Nederland groeps
Studio Seine Rotterdam Nederland groeps
jaarinstelling / opdrachtgeversoort
2012 Mondriaan Fonds Basisstipendium
2009 Fonds BKVB Basisstipendium
2005 Fonds BKVB Startstipendium
2004Allianz Nederland Grafiekprijs , 1e plaats
2004Publieksprijs Shell Young Art Award
20042e Plaats Shell Young Art Award