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Hester Scheurwater | CBKR - Rotterdamse Kunstenaars

Hester Scheurwater


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  • Nest 2007-2012 L'art n'a pas besoin d'un philosophe francais pour etre appécié' Jean Lévi-Bauderide
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  • The Dutch Shorts 2004, Les films courts Neerlandais
  • Salva Mea, Grote Kerk den Haag


The tension between what is happening inside my head and how I act on the outside is what my work is all about, the border between private and public. In trying to reach this frontier I make use of my own body and show series of fantasy self-images. These images frequently refer to the media’s ‘sexually charged’ depiction of women (in advertising, film, music video’s, lyrics, porn). Indoctrinated, obsessed and fascinated by this view of the “sensual seductive” woman as an object of lust, I try, almost obsessively, to comply with this image, by photographing self-portraits. These fantasy images are reminiscent of desires, fears, temptation, seduction, violence and sex. Self images as a sex object, but devoid of any commercial frills, made in my living room, bedroom, studio or bathroom, knowing I can never compete nor live up to the ‘commercial’ image, though revealing my own strength and my perspective on sexual freedom.

The mirrored self-images encompass my private fantasies. They are my way of reacting on the imitated and fake media images, which are constantly calling upon our imagination, without intending to be taken too seriously. I try to deconstruct this call’s effect with my reactions by switching the ’subject-object’ relationship, without being victimised by it. My self-images show I am not a victim of an imposed sexually charged visual culture, instead I give a self-aware answer, in which I try to show my feelings and/or views on the unreal and fake imagery, which is forced upon us daily. This series of photos emerged from a collection of daily uploads on Facebook and my personal blog. In the digital public space, I try to reinforce the exhibitionist nature by presenting them in the context of a living room or a living room setting. In this context exhibitionism and voyeurism come together. Using my own body as a sex object in corresponding poses and an auto-erotic gaze I study voyeurism and exhibitionism. Within a year, my daily photo series have grown from a modest Facebook project (using an iPhone) to a serious photo diary (using better technology). The photo diary now has more photos than I have uploaded to Facebook or my blog.
erkende vakopleiding(en) in Nederland
periodenaam instellingstudierichtingdiploma
1989 - 1993 Den Haag - Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten Monumentale Vormgeving1993
andere opleidingen in Nederland of (erkende) vakopleidingen in het buitenland
periodenaam instellingplaatslandsoort opleidingdiploma
1993 - 1995Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de KunstenCulturele Bedrijfsvoering Nederland hbo1995
workshops of cursussen ter ondersteuning van de beroepspraktijk
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1999Frans Zwartjesden haagFrans Zwartjes
1998Nan Hoover video workshopwassenaar
tentoonstellingen & presentaties
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2011 Fotofestival Naarden Naarden Nederland groeps
2011 I Should Have Done That NEST Den Haag Nederland groeps
2011 Twente Biennale Hengelo Nederland groeps
2011 Villa Elisabeth Berlin Duitsland groeps
2010 Museum Nacht Rotterdam groeps
2010 Roodkapje Rotterdam Nederland solo
2010 Six pack Vienna 13 lessons video performance (with Valie Export Marina Abramovich Carolee Schneeman Vienna Oostenrijk groeps
2010 Stedelijk Museum Zwolle (upcomming) Zwolle Nederland solo
2009 Light Industry New York New York Verenigde Staten groeps
2008 Brookly Musuem New York New York Verenigde Staten groeps
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2012SHOOTING BACK artistbookGerben & Keller Zurich monografie
2011www.hesterscheurwater.comStedelijk Museum Zwolle catalogus solo-expositie
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jaar naam media typering
2011NRC HANDELSBLAD CS recensie expositie
2011ZOO magazine interview
2011C Photo International Ivory Press interview
2011KRO profiel Ned 2 ander artikel of uitzending
2011Opzij interview
2010NRC Handelsblad weekblas algemene bespreking werk