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Register as a Rotterdam-based artist at CBK Rotterdam

Registration as a visual artist
Visual artists who live in the municipality of Rotterdam or work here and have an active role in the art climate can register with CBK Rotterdam. Registration requests will be assessed by Art Office on their professionalism.

Starting artists
Artists who have graduated less than three years ago from an accredited Dutch art academy, with autonomous art as their principal field of study, can be registered provisionally for a period of three years, starting from their graduation date, by showing their diploma and the application form. After that, their professionalism will be assessed.

In 2019 there are three registration rounds.
The next deadlines are:
28 December 2018
19 April 2019
16 August 2019

In this document (PDF) you will find which information you need to provide, together with the application form (PDF). You can send your registration request by e-mail to The processing of your request will take approximately three weeks.

What are the advantages?

  • Artists that are registered with CBK Rotterdam, get their own page on the website, through which they can present their work. This database has an extensive search function; you can search by name, image or keyword. And when you mention the starting and closing date of current exhibitions on your page, the exhibition will also be displayed on the homepage of the site. CBK Rotterdam also uses this site for intermediation.
  • Art Office provides information and advice to visual artists on all things related to their work as a professional artist.
  • You can benefit from several (financial) programmes that CBK Rotterdam offers to support your work as an artist.
  • CBK Rotterdam has a large network and can function as an intermediary between artists and between artists and other parties.
  • In some cases, CBK Rotterdam will promote artists by posting information on projects that have received funding or content from on or its social media.
  • On a regular basis, CBK Rotterdam provides information about awards, artist-in-residencies and activities by other parties that may be of interest to professional artists, via Tips and Calls (on the website and through a newsletter).
  • A registration with CBK Rotterdam also counts as a positive assessment of professionalism for registration with SKAR Ateliers.
  • Registration with CBK Rotterdam is free of charge.
  • If you register as an artist, you will automatically receive the newsletter Tips & Oproepen (Tips and Calls) for Rotterdam artists, with useful information for you as a professional artist. Should you also wish to be informed about CBK Rotterdam’s public activities, such as debates, events, unveilings and exhibits, please sign up separately for our newsletter.

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