Application O&O (Research and development grant)

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Application O&O (Research and development grant)

The grant scheme Research and Development Grants / Ontwikkeling- en Onderzoekssubsidies (O&O grants) is open to visual artists who are registered with the Art Office of CBK Rotterdam.

Its aim is to stimulate (artistic) research and development of the artistic practice, so that existing practices are able to flourish and become more visible. This grant scheme receives its funding from the City of Rotterdam; CBK Rotterdam is responsible for its implementation.

The (research) project, research trip or artist-in-residency should explicitly not be a continuation of everyday practice, but rather a limited period of research and development with a clear research question / a clearly defined objective and method.
A more international development of the professional practice, like an artist-in-residency or a research trip, is also possible, as long as it is an essential part of a research and development project in the context of this grant scheme.
Artistic research projects and/or experiments or publications are eligible projects as well, provided that they are an essential part of a research and development project in the context of this grant scheme.
Examples of O&O-projects (in Dutch)

For whom
For individual artists who are registered with CBK Rotterdam.
Projects with a collective objective are not eligible for an O&O grant.

The O&O grant scheme has three application rounds per year. The deadlines for 2018 are: 

round 1: Fri 9 February (till 23.00 hrs)

round 2: Fri 25 May (till 23.00 hrs)

round 3: Fri 12 October (till 23.00 hrs)

Advisory committee
All applications will be assessed by the advisory committee Research and Development Grants / Ontwikkeling- en Onderzoeksubsidies.
Members of the advisory committee 2017:
Niekolaas Johannes Lekkerkerk, Frans van Lent, Julia Geerlings, Tonio de Roover, Lisette Schumacher

Applications for O&O grants should be submitted digitally as a PDF file via WeTransfer to

Consultation hour
Would you like to discuss your O&O application before you send it in? Then please sign up online for the O&O consultation hour, prior to every application round. A consultation will take half an hour at the most. Please make sure that you have prepared your O&O application and specific questions as much as possible. The consultation hour is specifically intended for artists who have never applied for an O&O grant before.

An O&O application consists of 

  • The application form: please fill it out, print it, sign it and scan it as a PDF or JPEG file.
  • The O&O proposal itself, as one PDF file (items 2 to 9 of the application form).
  • The budget (item 5) as a separate document.
  • A summary of the proposal (item 10).
  • Furthermore, it is very important that the information on your personal page on is always up-to-date.

Make sure to always download the latest version of the application form (pdf).

Please note: 

  • Please read thoroughly the terms and conditions (pdf) as well as the explanatory notes to the application form before you put together your application.
  • Applications that were received after the closing date and/or were sent by post will not be taken into consideration.
  • Please check this website,, regularly for up-to-date information, plus keep an eye out for the Tips & Oproepen (Tips and Calls) newsletters.

If you have any further questions, please contact Art Office: