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Artists (1660)


Thomas Lowe (m)

With my work I let the viewer look into my world. I translate daily reality into drawings. I perform these drawings as a screen print. The possibilities are endless within the limits of...

Peter Hengst (m)

painting, drawing
film, media arts, video art

Tom I'Istelle (m)

sculpture, graphic art, social interaction
When I arrived I admired the cobblestone. The craft continues to be striking, alternating stones instead of painting them. Each stone so unique, placed by hand with such care. A few days...

Falke Pisano (v)

installations, performance art, video art
In her artistic practice Falke Pisano scrutinises the ways in which systems of thought are structured, formalised, and ultimately naturalised. Her series of works stem from long-term...

Matt Hinkley (m)


Funda Baysal (v)

glass art, ceramics, art in public space
Observations of daily life and inner sensations are an essential part of my artistic process. In my practice, I make solid forms that come into existence using...

Monice Janson (v)

monumental art, art in public space, sculpture
My (art) expressions with letters and language give identity to public space.
glass art, monumental art
My work revolves about human life. I used glass, often in combination with other materials, to realise my artwork. I find that glass is a fascinating material to work with. In the...
art in public space, performance art, painting
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