Artists (1434)

Gerestein makes large works on paper. She joins other contemporary artists who consider drawing to be a primary medium worthy of major artworks. By generating drawings and wall works of...

Marcel Kollen (m)

installations, media arts, performance art

Seecum Cheung (v)

installations, video art, film
I am an artist working primarily with moving image. My current work is an ongoing series of films based  upon  the interviews and encounters I have had with leading...

Hans Muller (m)

interdisciplinary art, art in public space, performance art, sculpture
I love the obsolete and the up to date I like digging tunnels like a mole and fly like a bird
film, photography, video art
Pilar Mata Dupont is an artist based between  Australia and the Netherlands. Using highly theatrical and cinematic methods, she investigates histories, identity, and mythologies...
jewelry, sculpture
ZWARD presents collections of jewellery and other objects. ZWARD is fascinated by neglected and worn-out objects and transform these inspirations into exciting new objects, without losing...

Cihad Caner (m)

sculpture, photography, video art
Cihad Caner [1990] is an artist living in Rotterdam. He mostly works with photography, video, sculpture and CGI. ...


sculpture, installations, video art
PhED FLIP focuses in her work on the pearls of urban decay and the scars of architecture. She investigates writings on the walls, the attack on buildings and vandalised playgrounds. The...

Sandra Touw (v)

painting, drawing
performance art, social interaction, video art
Croitoru’s practice is embedded in the everyday and deals with the politics of representation and embodiment. She is interested in framing power mechanisms and in highlighting or...
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