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Jason Terlouw (m)

installations, media arts, painting
Computing power grows exponentially every eighteen months. Because of this rapid growth it's supposed to be possible to enter the virtual world trough mind uploading in the couple next...

Iris Bergman (v)

photography, video art
Iris Bergman (1993) is based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. As a visual artist, I search for the edge between fiction and reality. Driven by my fascination for utopias and make-ability I...
film, installations, media arts
Lotte Louise de Jong (b. 1989 in Delfzijl, The Netherlands) is a media artist with a background in filmmaking. She just graduated from her masters in Fine Art and Design at The Piet Zwart...
installations, video art
The areas of my work range from photographs, video and film, to installations, performance and books, calling into question perception, the constructs of rationalism, culture, and...
installations, interdisciplinary art, social interaction
I am an artist-educator, investigating the potential of collective learning and art-making in social transformation. My practice consists of creating frameworks to facilitate collective...
interdisciplinary art, art in public space, drawing
My interest in painting is diverse. At the moment I am very attracted by nightly cityscapes. The reflections, the many light sources, shadows and perspectives are aspects that awaken my...

O'Neill/Ross (v)

art in public space, performance art, social interaction, sculpture
Harry and I are artists and producers who have worked at the forefront of immersive and interactive practice since 2010. Our work makes use of space, history and fantasy to encourage...

Jacco Weener (m)

Main theme's are Folk culture and religion, beside that performance artist.
painting, drawing
Yentl’s drawings are abstract visualizations depicting an underlying storyline. Although her mysterious illustrations often carry a sinister ambiance, it essentially communicates an...
photography, interdisciplinary art, media arts, sculpture
interdisciplinary art, social interaction
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