Artists (1458)


Tracy Hanna (v)

installations, interdisciplinary art, painting
interdisciplinary art, art in public space

Nuno Viegas (m)

interdisciplinary art
I see my practice as a practice of meeting others. Otherness can be many things, matters, materials, ideas and all beings including people. I immerse myself into an unfamiliar setting and...
installations, art in public space, social interaction

Ayamus (m)

photography, video art, film
As an individual, you hardly have any grip on the environment, As a creator, I look for images that I can get hold of, I look for human anchors in a disturbing, changing environment. The...
sculpture, installations, art in public space

Annabel Storm (v)

interdisciplinary art

Joël Bonk (m)

sculpture, graphic art, installations
Joël Bonk 'anatomizes' his personal, cultural and human identity. In every work he uses his own body (the blank canvas) as starting point. By using (his own) vorm, scale and apperiance, he...
film, photography
interdisciplinary art, painting, textile art
Adopting and exploring new mediums and ways of working, attempting to explore the boundaries of painting. Testing different ways to consider and exhibit works, pieces have begun to move...

Mosab Anzo (m)

painting, drawing
Mosab Anzo was born in Aleppo, Syria in 1973. He lives and works in Rotterdam since 2015. He is an abstract lyrical - poetical artist creating expressive works of oil and acrylic paint. He...

Said Kinos (m)

graphic art, art in public space, painting, sculpture
Said Kinos (1988) is an artist who lives and works in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. His work expresses a fascination for the way people communicate with each other. Communication through...
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