Artists (1458)

interdisciplinary art, performance art, sculpture
sculpture, interdisciplinary art, performance art
Within her practice, Isabelle Sully works with context-based performance to address the implausibility of the solo act (or, the myth of autonomy) through opting to take up a supporting...

Guus van Vugt (m)

My work focuses on the limitation between video and photography. It manifests itself in video and architectural interventions, there where you know where it comes from, but also seems to...

Salih Kilic (m)

film, photography, video art

Suus Touw (m)

photography, video art, social interaction
installations, video art, interdisciplinary art
At its basis my arstistic, writing, curatorial practice investigates systems and degrees of exchange where ideas, methodologies, discussion, and artworks are made active, radiate out, and...

Ropp (m)

installations, art in public space, painting

Asnate Bockis (m)

photography, installations, video art
Within my work I investigate how the physical translates the psychological. By choosing mainly formal solutions, I try to develop forms that do not follow logical criteria, but are based...
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