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textile art

Olette Hamer (v)

A tale is based on the truth but is not necessarily true. It can be expressed in sound, music, (moving)image and other forms where information is transported from one source to another. I...

Naomi Modde (v)

film, photography
Ruben Hamelink (1992) is a self-taught photographer and filmmaker from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. His personal work has an international focus and often engages in social and cultural...
photography, interdisciplinary art, video art
My work originates from scenes of unconscious interaction in everyday life, between people, places, and things. Within these scenes, I set out to capture ‘marginal’ aspects of our society,...

Lucia Dossin (v)

installations, media arts, performance art
Lucia Dossin works at the intersection of art and design and she is interested in exploring the (actual / possible / desirable) relationships between humans and computers:...

Reuven Eimer (m)

glass art, painting
I call my style my Catalan Technique. It was purely inspired by my ten day Barcelona museum holiday. It is my own interpretation of Cubism, with the colours inspired by the...
art in public space, social interaction, textile art
Dorchess  creates interactive artworks for public space, with a focus on tactility and textile. Over the past years she has created a body of work ranging from one-off pieces of furniture...
Van Kelle’s main focus is to reinterpret the art of painting, literally from the ground up. He hopes that this approach will evoke a discussion on the definition of what painting can be....

Bert Scholten (m)

graphic art, installations, performance art
sculpture, installations, painting
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