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Artists (1660)


Nina Valkhoff (v)

sculpture, installations, textile art
My artistic practice is a constant dialogue with the many aspects of existence and aims to find a reconciliation between society, individuals and nature. My aim is to find a common...

Kay hessels (m)


Rik Mertens (m)


Marlike marks (v)

installations, art in public space, drawing, sculpture
My work consists out of already exiting objects, machines and situations, which derive a new employment and meaning from the combinations that I create between them. Which means; I am...

B. Bannink (v)

installations, interdisciplinary art, media arts
Rossella Nisio is an artist whose work has a strong focus on notions of memory, imagination and space. She has a background in the theory of cinema and...

Ugo Petronin (m)

interdisciplinary art, social interaction, video art
Honey Jones-Hughes is a Welsh artist based in Rotterdam, Netherlands. A recent MFA graduate from the Piet Zwart Institute, previously studied at The Glasgow School of Art, and...

Niel de Vries (m)

graphic art, art in public space, painting
My works are driven by my interest in our ability to read the world around us, to listen to what our environment tells about itself, and about us. I investigate the character of color and...
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