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Artists (1637)


Gloria Avgust (v)

film, sculpture
installations, performance art, textile art
Empowering individuality in a world of mass consumption.
graphic art, drawing
José Quintanar (Madrid, Spain, 1984) lives and works in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. With a background in comics, and architecture, José Quintanar explores and experiments the...

Thomas Lowe (m)

With my work I let the viewer look into my world. I translate daily reality into drawings. I perform these drawings as a screen print. The possibilities are endless within the limits of...

Peter Hengst (m)

painting, drawing
film, media arts, video art

Tom I'Istelle (m)

sculpture, graphic art, social interaction
When I arrived I admired the cobblestone. The craft continues to be striking, alternating stones instead of painting them. Each stone so unique, placed by hand with such care. A few days...
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