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film, photography, media arts
Arantxa Gonlag focuses on the invisible or unseen aspects in the world - how these aspects are influencing humans and their relationships with others but particularly with themselves.
sculpture, film, ceramics
A video of abstract objects, sculptures that bear traces of hands in clay, a T-shirt with abstract prints, a curtain that hangs from ceiling to floor, raw materials and shiny surfaces. The...
film, photography, media arts
Solange Frankort aka Amy Orange is a Netherlands artist based in Rotterdam. Over the past years she worked and investigated in an array of everyday subjects within digital-pop-culture as...
installations, art in public space, drawing, sculpture
sculpture, installations, art in public space
sculpture, installations
Working primarily with sculpture and installation, my work displays an interest in objects and materials and the associations created by those. The work conjures issues of perception and...
My work is focusing on a personal photography with an artistic approach. The center of attention in my work belongs to the human beings as a unique individual. I research how the human...
photography, installations, art in public space, sculpture

Jelle Feringa (m)


Imke Zeinstra (v)


Niek Hilkmann (m)

interdisciplinary art, media arts, performance art
Niek Hilkmann is a twenty-first century polymath with a background in art history, media design, musicology and natural history. Besides being resposible for various music and...
sculpture, performance art, video art
media arts
With an interest in automation practices, disruption of the interface and peer to machine knowledge production, my practice consists of research investigations into knowledge sharing and...
installations, interdisciplinary art, social interaction
Leonie is inspired by the relationship between people and their surroundings. She’s fascinated by systems that can be found in daily life. In her work she analyses behaviour, movement and...
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