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Bobby Sayers (m)

sculpture, performance art, social interaction
Bobby Sayers is an artist and curator based in Rotterdam, graduate of the MFA at Piet Zwart Institute. Curatorial projects focus on facilitating space for experimentation and conversations...
installations, performance art, interdisciplinary art
I work in various fields and layers. With performance, sculptural installations and music I create landscapes, sometimes individually, sometimes with others, to present a new dimension. A...

Zhixin Liao (m)

installations, media arts, drawing, sculpture

Bas de Geus (m)

installations, social interaction, sculpture
I am exploring ideas of home and identity through investigating the architectural shapes of locations and routes that come to define our routines. Using hands-on materials like paint,...

Mylan Hoezen (m)

My work centers around endurance and self-confrontation. I express these themes from within and share them as a solo artist but also invite others to collaborate. 
 Endurance is one of the...

Job Bos (m)

sculpture, installations, painting
Job Bos sees his work as an allegory of ontological observation. He tries to explore the fundaments of 'seeing things’. He investigates the way we interact, react and give meaning to the...

Joseph Hughes (m)

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