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Van Kelle’s main focus is to reinterpret the art of painting, literally from the ground up. He hopes that this approach will evoke a discussion on the definition of what painting can be....

Bert Scholten (m)

graphic art, installations, performance art
sculpture, installations, painting

Gionata Gatto (m)

interdisciplinary art, media arts, social interaction
Gionata Gatto (1982) is an Italian designer living and working in The Netherlands. After a Bachelor degree in Industrial Design from the IUAV University of Venice, he continued his studies...
installations, performance art, video art, sculpture
My current practice exists somewhere between spacial work, sculpture and performance. Within that framework a certain pattern has emerged, consisting of three elements: research, seclusion...
photography, video art
As a social documentary photographer with a background as a sociotherapist I am interested in personal stories behind the statistics. I want to address social inequality with my work and...

Brian Romeijn (m)

Brian Preciousdecay is who I am, a photographer fascinated with decayed and abandoned buildings that once had a soul and breathed a wealth of life. Through my vision I recreate the...
sculpture, film, video art
Combining performance, video, and installation to a critical yet engaging view of social, political and cultural issues. Embracing the desire for what you love and occasionally...
sculpture, interdisciplinary art, painting
In my practice, I work under multiple frameworks with a primary focus on the mind and body. Today’s external urban impulses are dominated by a capitalist economy. Materialism and...
installations, performance art, social interaction
installations, ceramics, painting, sculpture
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