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Alaa Abu Asad (m)

photography, video art
Formally, my practice is centered around developing, rather experiencing, alternative trajectories where values ​​of (re) presentation, viewing, reading, and understanding intersect. ...

Sophie Varin (v)

 Sophie's work tries to foster the narrative potential of recognizable or less recognizable shapes, colors, textures, sizes and smells. Formal scenarios are created through modes of...
Fleur Knops is a Rotterdam based artist, inspired by water. Fascinated by the way water flows, forms and chances, Fleur Knops works in her atelier in Rotterdam. Besides her abstract...

Anna Steijger (v)


Merve Kilicer (v)

interdisciplinary art, performance art, video art

Marta Hryniuk (v)

film, painting, video art
I am an artist based in Rotterdam, NL, recently graduated from the Dutch Art Institute (DAI). I am currently developing a project in the sand of the Meijendel sand dunes, and...

Kira Fröse (v)

sculpture, ceramics, drawing
„I have to touch this“ My work is emotive and focused on one’s desire for haptic experiences. Glossy surfaces, structured fluid forms and dynamic matter - the confrontation of stagnation...
installations, media arts, video art, sculpture
Ryan Cherewaty is a media artist from Toronto Canada currently based in Rotterdam. He mainly works in video, CGI and installation. His work is informed by the potential...

Larissa David (v)

interdisciplinary art, performance art, video art
Larisa David is based between Rotterdam and Bucharest. She makes performances, installations, videos and scripts, where reality and fiction collapse and merge in temporary forms. The...
interdisciplinary art
I am currently based in Rotterdam, where I graduated with an MFA from the Piet Zwart Institute. My work continuously draws on ideas and perspectives on what cohabitation entails as an...

Chao-tze Liu (v)

photography, installations
When we go outdoors to look at the panorama, there are all kinds of things in our eyes. All of these things are in our eyes, we usually call it landscape or view. The...
installations, performance art, drawing, sculpture
To avoid = to make yourself feel better, not facing what is actually demanding your attention. Ignorant behaviour. Therefore, avoiding the action of avoiding is an act of honesty. The...
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