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Artists (1660)

performance art, social interaction
Gabriel Fontana is a relational artist, art educator and sports coach, developing community-embedded projects. His practice focuses on queer pedagogies, group behavior and performative...

Anne Kolbe (v)

Things bear, absorb and hold onto our thoughts and reflections, only to later on let themselves be rediscovered. In this sense I believe that everything is partially mirror and partially...

Nami Kim (m)


Linhuei Chen (v)

installations, interdisciplinary art, media arts
A child who left her homeland, an allochtoon*-partner in a relationship, a mother of two children. In the family relationship, I have multiple identities. I switch from one identity to...
installations, media arts, social interaction, sculpture
I am a Rotterdam based digital artist working with themes around gaming and the effect of new technologies on the player's perception of reality. By analysing gameplay methods and...
installations, performance art, interdisciplinary art, sculpture
Having started from photography and with extensive experiments on ‘camera’ as nothing more than a simple optical device, I ended up in total darkness. Writing and performing theater...

Guido Bosua (m)

Guido Bosua (Ridderkerk (NL), 1970) started his working life as fysical actor. In the end of the nineties, he shifted to theatre education and -organisation. Since 2014 he is also working...
photography, graphic art, painting
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