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Eric Patel (m)

interdisciplinary art, sculpture
I am interested in the ways art can bring an understanding to the complex legacy of colonialism and its role in identity formation. As someone who grew up in between eastern and western...
installations, interdisciplinary art, media arts, sculpture
For the future of technology, Jeanine Verloop looks at techniques from the past, noting that we have become too dependent on usability and efficiency and are therefore alienated from our...

Laura Grimm (v)

sculpture, installations, textile art
From everyday to otherworldly. Everyday utilitarian objects lie at the heart of my practice. I reshape these objects and turn them into sculptural works, that broaden the viewer’s...
installations, interdisciplinary art, video art
Miriam Sentler (b. 1994, Stolberg, DE) is a visual artist researching personal site-specific moments within the framework of cultural history and the notion of the exotic. While her...

Amy Pickles (v)

performance art, textile art, video art

Sophie Bates (v)

media arts, performance art, video art
Sophie’s practice involves both parodying and mirroring social tropes, interactions, etiquette and social media. She employs mimicry and hyperbole in her performance, video and live works....
I develop my practice through the sculpture. I use the material and spatial qualities of the medium and the context that surrounds it during the making...

Tsz Hei Tsang (v)

photography, installations, video art
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