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Artists (1581)


Nora Bekes (v)

interdisciplinary art, drawing, video art
Collette Rayner's research-based practice utilizes film, animation, drawing and text modes, or rhetoric delivery in order to share and establish a critical relationship to...
sculpture, installations, video art
Playful and serious at the same time, Anastasia Shin's sculptural practice utilizes different aesthetic categories for conceptual concerns. She is interested in aesthetics of...

Sami Hammana (m)

installations, interdisciplinary art, video art
Sami Hammana (NL) is a researcher, writer and artist/designer. His work is focused on the developments within financial speculation and climate change, in particular on the moment when...

Renee Turner (v)

interdisciplinary art, media arts
Renée Turner is an artist whose practice engages with digital narratives, archives and forms of interdisciplinary and collaborative enquiry. Whether working on her own or with others, her...
installations, performance art, textile art, sculpture
Marcha Schagen creates wearable objects, fashion, installations and performances based on artistic research regarding society. While creating she experiments with innovative materials and...

Ollie Palmer (m)

video art, media arts, interdisciplinary art
Sonia de Jager (Buenos Aires, 1988) is an academic and artistic researcher studying the philosophies of media and technoscience. In various formats and radically differing outlets (from...
sculpture, installations, interdisciplinary art
Gwen van den Bout is a a London and Rotterdam based contemporary artist, graduate of a masters in Narrative Environments at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London. She is...
interdisciplinary art, media arts, art in public space, sculpture
I do not regard design as a basic part of public life. Visual communication surrounds us day-to-day and it gives me the best possible outcome.
sculpture, performance art, video art
By juxtaposing seemingly unrelated symbols through objects, images and installations, Dennis Muñoz Espadiña creates unresolved narratives and performances. By purposely leaving things...
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