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Hedvig Koertz (v)

installations, sculpture
I work in the field of sculpture and installation with a wide range of materials and I frequently use found objects. More recently,  photography and text have taken a substantial role...

Romy van Eijk (m)


Erika Roux (v)

film, performance art, video art
Erika Roux’s work comes from an intimate and conceptual approach to documentary material and filmic medium. Involving autobiographical aspects and personal narratives she questions...

Eo Stearn (v)

I am a feminist Queer artist interested in craft, memory, emotions and modalities of speech. My work traverses between the intimacy of personal relations, the detail of ...

Connie Butler (v)

sculpture, art in public space, social interaction
Oscillating between sculpture and publishing, my practice willfully confuses the two. In 2012 I founded the Nomadic Reading Room to make an urgent claim on the public space for showing...

Joran Koster (m)

Individual und societal ethik based artpraxes. (Textuals, Installations, Videos, book-objects........) Following the logic of an activist art-praxis Thurnheer is initiator and member of...

Ash Kilmartin (v)

My recent works have studied the way the built environment addresses subjectvities: how architecture operates the distinction between public and private modes of being. In the past two...
Nicole Hagesteijn is an art photographer that lives and works in the Netherlands in Rotterdam. She is a general practitioner that has been making photographs from a very young age...
sculpture, interdisciplinary art, art in public space

Danny Rumbl (m)

sculpture, art in public space, painting

Jack Eden (m)

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