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Suzanne Somer (m)


Iiris Sointu (v)

sculpture, installations, interdisciplinary art
My creativity stems from a very personal need to put something conrete of myself out in to the world. By working on a piece I try to make sense of the world in a way that is most natural...
Portrait- and documentary photographer
film, photography, interdisciplinary art
I am a visual artist born in Thessaloniki, Greece, in 1982 and living in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, since 2015. Having as a starting point image and sound, I am researching interactive...

Sarah Amrani (v)

photography, media arts, video art
Sarah Amrani (1994) is a visual artist, currently based in Rotterdam The Netherlands. Graduated in 2017 from the Willem de Kooning Academy, department Lifestyle Design, she considers...
installations, interdisciplinary art, sculpture
I like to make 'situations': sculptures or installations of elements that relate to each other, to the space they're in, and in which something 'happens'. Often though it is a kind of...
glass art, installations, painting
Donald Schenkel (1991) creates subtle gradients with oil paints. He seeks for smoothness in color transitions that can lead the eye into the faraway. Sometimes these colors flash purely...
installations, interdisciplinary art, sculpture
Danni van Amstel questions in her work what kind of effect inhabitation has on a space. She is interested in the notion of embodied space: how people by inhabiting a space leave behind...
Arvand Pourabbasi is a spatial designer-artist, whose work consists of a variety of practices such as writing, illustration, making sculpture, research, image making and other forms of...

Golnar Abbasi (v)

interdisciplinary art, art in public space, drawing, sculpture
Golnar Abbasi is an architect-artist based whose work consists of a variety of forms of practices such as independent publishing, editorial work, writing, research, installations, image...
sculpture, film, photography

Hans Wessels (m)

interdisciplinary art, media arts, social interaction
Roel Roscam Abbing (1990, NL) is an artist and researcher with strong interest for the issues and cultures surrounding networked computation. In his practice he has worked and collaborated...
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