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Artists (1660)


Yunjoo Kwak (v)

photography, social interaction, video art
Kwak's practice is research-based and process-oriented, with a focus on architecture, migration, history, marginality and globalization. She works across the disciplines of...
installations, interdisciplinary art, social interaction
I have an (ter) disciplinary approach to art, working from the unstable border between art production and art thinking. In this border I work on instances of invisibility and...

Andrea Gyori (m)

installations, interdisciplinary art, ceramics, sculpture
My artistic practice revolves around the connection between the body and the psyche, seen as a reaction to personal and social processes. Themes include sexuality and satisfaction as forms...

Maurik Stomps (m)


Daan de Boer (m)


Nina Markus (m)

photography, sculpture

Hyunji Jung (v)

installations, interdisciplinary art, media arts
My work explores human consciousness, sense of self and environment. Therefore, how digital media technology change our perception of reality intrigues me in an effort to understand...

Lili Ullrich (v)

interdisciplinary art, performance art, video art, sculpture
Lili Ullrich's practice seeks to explore vulnerability and foster transparent, often collective making. Her aim is to provide imagery and actions for possible futures and question existing...

Elisa Strinna (m)

installations, interdisciplinary art, sculpture
Elisa Strinna’s work investigates an ever-growing interdependence between man and technologies and the byproducts of such affiliations. The connections between technological and geological...
media arts
Coming from the field of architecture and visual arts with a concern in public spaces, my practice started by realizing participatory artistic interventions into public spaces. Throughout...
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