Artists (1460)

sculpture, film, photography

Hans Wessels (m)

interdisciplinary art, media arts, social interaction
Roel Roscam Abbing (1990, NL) is an artist and researcher with strong interest for the issues and cultures surrounding networked computation. In his practice he has worked and collaborated...
sculpture, painting, drawing
Flora Woudstra (1991) is a writer and visual artist. Viewing language as her core material to relate and understand through, her work emerges from exploring the many different and...
film, photography, social interaction
Ben Lenzner is an artist, filmmaker, storyteller, photographer, documentary media maker, writer and a scholar in the study of screen and media. With a MFA in Documentary Media from...
Her work is created by looking at our everyday environment, focussing specifically on the way we deal with the material world around us. Daily life consists of countless rituals, of which...
textile art

Olette Hamer (v)

A tale is based on the truth but is not necessarily true. It can be expressed in sound, music, (moving)image and other forms where information is transported from one source to another. I...

Naomi Modde (v)

film, photography
Ruben Hamelink (1992) is a self-taught photographer and filmmaker from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. His personal work has an international focus and often engages in social and cultural...

Lucia Dossin (v)

installations, media arts, performance art
Lucia Dossin works at the intersection of art and design and she is interested in exploring the (actual / possible / desirable) relationships between humans and computers:...
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