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photography, graphic art, installations
installations, interdisciplinary art, social interaction
I see the world as a gigantic network of interconnected systems. As an artist, I try to make this dizzyingly complex unity tangible by scaling it back to imaginable proportions. As such, I...
photography, interdisciplinary art, painting
sculpture, photography

Lavinia Xausa (m)

My work is narrative. I'm looking for a better misunderstaning of reality, the doubt/distortion that creates an opening to re-think and re-experience this world with your brain. I have an...

Suzanne Somer (m)


Iiris Sointu (v)

sculpture, installations, interdisciplinary art
My creativity stems from a very personal need to put something conrete of myself out in to the world. By working on a piece I try to make sense of the world in a way that is most natural...
Portrait- and documentary photographer
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