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Artists (1640)


Daan de Boer (m)


Nina Markus (m)


A.B.C. Korst (m)

photography, sculpture

H. Jung (m)


Lili Ullrich (v)

interdisciplinary art, performance art, video art, sculpture
Lili Ullrich's practice seeks to explore vulnerability and foster transparent, often collective making. Her aim is to provide imagery and actions for possible futures and question existing...

Elisa Strinna (m)

installations, interdisciplinary art, sculpture
The starting point of my practice is the media of storytelling. After depicting a topic of interest, I carefully study some of the different narratives used to represent it - from...
media arts
Coming from the field of architecture and visual arts with a concern in public spaces, my practice started by realizing participatory artistic interventions into public spaces. Throughout...
performance art, social interaction
Gabriel Fontana is a relational artist, art educator and sports coach, developing community-embedded projects. His practice focuses on queer pedagogies, group behavior and performative...

Anne Kolbe (v)

Things bear, absorb and hold onto our thoughts and reflections, only to later on let themselves be rediscovered. In this sense I believe that everything is partially mirror and partially...

N. Kim (m)


Linhuei Chen (v)

installations, interdisciplinary art, media arts
A child who left her homeland, an allochtoon*-partner in a relationship, a mother of two children. In the family relationship, I have multiple identities. I switch from one identity to...
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