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Luc Schol (m)


Rowan van As (m)

photography, social interaction, video art
photography, painting, video art
Luis Rios-Zertuche (Mexico City, 1985) works at the intersection of audiovisual art and the performing arts. He has both worked autonomously and as a commissioned artist in the fields of...

Israel Páez (m)

art in public space, painting, drawing
Isra Páez (1982, Madrid, Spain) makes drawings, paintings, sculptures and installations. From a conceptual approach, Isra Páez creates works that deals with his daily life and social...
photography, textile art, video art
CORSAGE-STUDIO is a collective whose work combines garment making with visual arts – fields that  affect and deepen one another, developing clothing concepts rather than fashion...

Anni Puolakka (v)

I make performances, videos, texts and sculptures in which situation-specific and documentary materials are incorporated into fictional worlds. My works play with the boundaries and...

Peter Vianen (m)

interdisciplinary art, graphic art, drawing
Coming from a background in comics I am primarily interested in how words and images can deconstruct each other into an infinity of new meanings. Having a great interest in the...
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