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Artists (1659)


Alice Strete (v)

Alice Strete (1991, RO) is an artist and researcher interested in the intricate relationship between humans and the technologies they surround themselves with. Her work involves...

Jiske Kosian (v)

media arts, painting, textile art

Arthur Boer (m)


Ana Brumat (m)


Riq Etiq (m)

art in public space, painting, drawing
Somewhere in 2005, I started doing graffiti in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. This was my first experience with artistic expression in the public space. Long before this happend I was drawing...

Maher Hasan (m)

sculpture, painting, drawing
interdisciplinary art, media arts, graphic art
Let me take you hostage in bizarre worlds filled with gruesome monsters, grandiose adventures, forbidden mysticism, visceral violence, pitchblack humor and shameless erotica. The tools I...
Ever since the early nineties, Dutch artists Henk Bezemer (1957) and Frank van Oosten (1958) have worked together under the name Mishmash from their studio in the centre of Rotterdam.    ...

Clara Bolle (v)

social interaction, painting, drawing
Please visit for my artist statement in English. 
painting, drawing
Visual artist Roebie Starink lives and works in Rotterdam. In her art, Roebie works with things she encounters in her life. For example, she lives in the green surroundings of the Rotte...

Maaike Canne (m)

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