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sculpture, film, video art
Combining performance, video, and installation to a critical yet engaging view of social, political and cultural issues. Embracing the desire for what you love and occasionally...
sculpture, interdisciplinary art, painting
In my practice, I work under multiple frameworks with a primary focus on the mind and body. Today’s external urban impulses are dominated by a capitalist economy. Materialism and...
installations, performance art, social interaction
installations, ceramics, painting, sculpture

Luc Schol (m)


Rowan van As (m)

The work of Rowan Van As consists of installations, sculptures, performance and video. In his work Rowan Van As creates cabaret-like and Dadaist interventions in the public space. His...
photography, social interaction, video art
film, photography, art in public space
interdisciplinary art, social interaction, video art
I operate as an artist preoccupied with the role of art in society. My belief is that a complex landscape works towards obscuring and invalidating clear-cut questions and answers....

Luis Xertu (m)

photography, painting, video art
Luis Xertu  (Luis Alonso Rios-Zertuche Mexico City, 1985) works at the intersection of audiovisual art and the performing arts. He has both worked autonomously and as a commissioned...

Caro Linares (v)


Israel Páez (m)

art in public space, painting, drawing
Isra Páez (1982, Madrid, Spain) makes drawings, paintings, sculptures and installations. From a conceptual approach, Isra Páez creates works that deals with his daily life and social...
" And that a kelson of the creation is love,   And limitless are leaves stiff or dropping in the fields" (Walt Whitman) Poets, Walt Whitman, Nathalie Sarraute, Sylvia Plate and...
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