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Artists (1630)


Laura Grimm (v)

sculpture, installations, textile art
From everyday to otherworldly. Everyday utilitarian objects lie at the heart of my practice. I reshape these objects and turn them into sculptural works, that broaden the viewer’s...

Amy Pickles (v)

performance art, textile art, video art

Sophie Bates (v)

media arts, performance art, video art
Sophie’s practice involves both parodying and mirroring social tropes, interactions, etiquette and social media. She employs mimicry and hyperbole in her performance, video and live works....
I develop my practice through the sculpture. I use the material and spatial qualities of the medium and the context that surrounds it during the making...

Tsz Hei Tsang (v)

photography, installations, video art

Alaa Abu Asad (m)

photography, video art
Formally, my practice is centered around developing, rather experiencing, alternative trajectories where values ​​of (re) presentation, viewing, reading, and understanding intersect. ...

Sophie Varin (v)

Sophie Varin considers sculpture and painting as entangled fields of representations, open to interpretations and activations. Very much connected to the way mimicry is being used by...
Fleur Knops is a Rotterdam based artist, inspired by water. Fascinated by the way water flows, forms and chances, Fleur Knops works in her atelier in Rotterdam. Besides her abstract...

Anna Steijger (v)


Merve Kilicer (v)

interdisciplinary art, performance art, video art

Marta Hryniuk (v)

film, painting, video art
I make video works that explore female biographies and identities - especially those shaped by experiences of displacement - as well as activating relations between cinematic tools and...
I am an artist based in Rotterdam, NL, recently graduated from the Dutch Art Institute (DAI). I am currently developing a project in the sand of the Meijendel...
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