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installations, media arts
installations, interdisciplinary art, performance art
With an ongoing influence of Colombian and Latin American cultures I have an overdeveloped interest in macabre and phantasmagoric explanations of reality. In various vivid and...

Rogier Arents (m)

graphic art, media arts, interdisciplinary art
Rogier Arents (Gouda/NL, 1987) is a designer and graphic artist based in Rotterdam. In 2012 he graduated from the Man & Well Being Department at the Design Academy Eindhoven. Arents is...

Maaike Engels (v)

sculpture, jewelry
My work encompasses many practices including sculpture, jewellery and print. Primarily concerned with ideas of the vernacular and contemporary folk practices and its messy translation into...
film, media arts, video art
The codes are hidden as if they are a secret. When I was younger it felt like the others knew the rules and I didn’t, good thing I liked my own rules better anyways. But when you don’t...

Sophie de Vos (v)

photography, installations
If I hadn’t gone to art school, I probably would’ve studied psychology by now. My interest in everything involved with being human is still very visible in my work. The human body, the...

Jermick Wawoe (m)

installations, drawing, textile art
Asan artist, Jermick Wawoe is inspired by a wide range of sources such as books, films, and arts but also at the moment beween his reality and dreams.  As he is keen on having his own...

Rory Pilgrim (m)

film, performance art, social interaction
Over the past 6 years I have developed a practice based upon emancipatory concerns, in which personal and political questions are brought together to voice what we believe in and strive to...
installations, performance art, interdisciplinary art
Ricardo O'Nascimento is an artist and researcher on the field of new media and interactive art. He investigates body-environment relations focused on interface development for worn...
Gerestein makes large works on paper. She joins other contemporary artists who consider drawing to be a primary medium worthy of major artworks. By generating drawings and wall works of...

Marcel Kollen (m)

installations, media arts, performance art

Seecum Cheung (v)

film, installations, video art
Primarily an artist working with moving image, my current work has an ongoing series or films based  ...
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