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photography, painting, video art
Luis Rios-Zertuche (Mexico City, 1985) works at the intersection of audiovisual art and the performing arts. He has both worked autonomously and as a commissioned artist in the fields of...

Caro Linares (v)


Israel Páez (m)

art in public space, painting, drawing
Isra Páez (1982, Madrid, Spain) makes drawings, paintings, sculptures and installations. From a conceptual approach, Isra Páez creates works that deals with his daily life and social...
" And that a kelson of the creation is love,   And limitless are leaves stiff or dropping in the fields" (Walt Whitman) Poets, Walt Whitman, Nathalie Sarraute, Sylvia Plate and...
photography, textile art, video art
CORSAGE-STUDIO is a collective whose work combines garment making with visual arts – fields that  affect and deepen one another, developing clothing concepts rather than fashion...

Anni Puolakka (v)

interdisciplinary art, performance art, video art
I make performances, videos, texts and sculptures in which situation-specific and documentary materials are incorporated into fictional worlds. My works play with the boundaries and...

Peter Vianen (m)

interdisciplinary art, graphic art, drawing
Coming from a background in comics I am primarily interested in how words and images can deconstruct each other into an infinity of new meanings. Having a great interest in the...

Hedvig Koertz (v)

installations, sculpture
I work in the field of sculpture and installation with a wide range of materials and I frequently use found objects. More recently,  photography and text have taken a substantial role...
installations, performance art, textile art
Angelica Falkeling  (b. 1988, Degerfors, SE) is a visual artist, writer and teacher who works with performance, textilies , moving images and text. Falkeling holds a BFA from Malmö...

Romy van Eijk (v)

interdisciplinary art, art in public space, textile art, sculpture
i started out as a fashion designer but after graduating I noticed that I am much more fascinated with textile as a form of art, as a means to build large objects, which form the pivot for...

Erika Roux (v)

film, performance art, video art
In my work, video becomes a tool for investigating the link between audiovisual languages ​​and our lives. I am interested in creating a dialogue between the staging of a reality and its...

Eo Stearn (v)

I am a feminist Queer artist interested in craft, memory, emotions and modalities of speech. My work traverses between the intimacy of personal relations, the detail of ...
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