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interdisciplinary art, media arts, video art

Niels Bekkema (m)

interdisciplinary art, video art
Reality ripples when I look at, or listen to footage I earlier captured. Reality ripples in writing also: through describing, retelling and recalling the world around me accumulates...

Abigail Prade (v)

Abigail Prade is a Dutch writer, director, and producer. After studying art history her interest in film and Asian arthouse cinema led her to Singapore to pursue a M.F.A in directing at...

Rik Versteeg (m)

film, photography, interdisciplinary art
Djojo & Versteeg consists of two multidisciplinary artists. Rik Versteeg (26) graduated as a Fine-Art photographer in 2013 and Danny Djojosoedarmo (22) is a self-educated make-up artists...

Marcel Speet (m)

installations, painting, drawing
Marcel Speet (Born in the Netherlands, 1951) Dutch multidisciplinary visual artist makes abstract art works on paper, rearrangements and installations. The works are influenced by a...
installations, performance art, video art

Wies Arts (m)

interdisciplinary art, performance art, social interaction
video art, media arts, film
Shafelly is a filmmaker who loves to explore life. She’s curious and is trying to find answers to life’s questions, which serve as the basis for her short films and installations. With her...
art in public space, interdisciplinary art, social interaction
Moniek Driesse was educated in Visual Communication Design (Bdes, Design Academy Eindhoven, NL) and Architecture Design Research (March, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, MX). Her...

Kazuma Eekman (m)


Eva Reinalda (v)

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