Artists (1422)

film, photography
My work always has a socially engaged angle, with an international orientation. Photography and film not only give me a way to research, understand and discover the world and her...

Lucia Dossin (v)

installations, media arts, performance art
Lucia Dossin works at the intersection of art and design and she is interested in exploring the (actual / possible / desirable) relationships between humans and computers:...

Reuven Eimer (m)

art in public space, social interaction, textile art
Dorchess  creates interactive artworks for public space, with a focus on tactility and textile. Over the past years she has created a body of work ranging from one-off pieces of furniture...
To Wouter van Kelle the action of creating a painting is the most important. It lets him dissolve in a world where the ‘why’, ‘how’ of ‘what’ questions don’t matter. It allows him to move...

Bert Scholten (m)

graphic art, installations, performance art
sculpture, installations, painting

Gionata Gatto (m)


Brian Romeijn (m)

Brian Preciousdecay is who I am, a photographer fascinated with decayed and abandoned buildings that once had a soul and breathed a wealth of life. Through my vision I recreate the...
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