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R. YYY (m)

installations, interdisciplinary art, social interaction
Lili Huston-Herterich is a Rotterdam-based artist with a background in photography and a practice currently rooted in multidisciplinary installation. She integrates craft practices, stages...

Jacco Bunt (m)

interdisciplinary art, painting, drawing
Jacco Bunt is a young Dutch artist that works within the realms of painting and digital art. He brings together simple patterns and iconography with an exquisite color palette, and uses...

Tor Jonsson (m)

photography, installations, media arts
Sometimes airborne, Tor Jonsson is a Swedish artist based in Rotterdam. He works with sound, photography, text and performance. Tor’s practice investigates human relationships to the...

Daniel Tuomey (m)

installations, interdisciplinary art, performance art, sculpture
Daniel Tuomey's work explores how personal and political narratives become attached to architectural features. He works with performance, plywood, writing, drawing, video and other...

Zhou Junsheng (m)

photography, installations, social interaction, sculpture

Navin Thakoer (m)


Daniel Jacoby (m)

sculpture, installations, film
Daniel Jacoby’s work is driven by an interest for inexplicable things while at the same time characterized by the lack of aspiration to comprehend them. The process for making his films...
photography, installations
My work deals with the experience of abstraction and alienation in the everyday built environment. I seek out urban places that seem to withdraw from their surroundings, with no apparent...

tobias Bijl (m)

Tobias Bijl (1981) is a Dutch, Rotterdam-based documentary photographer. After a study Philosophy, he studied at the Fotoacademie in Amsterdam where he graduated in May 2017. His work is...
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