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CBK Rotterdam

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Art and public space, exhibitions, events, commissions, educational projects, art rental and a documentation center: the presence of the Centrum Beeldende Kunst Rotterdam (Center for Visual Arts in Rotterdam) is extensive. We welcome artists with inspiring proposals. Art interested persons looking for an artist ? to commission or buy something from, to involve in an educational project or whatever the challenge ? can find what they are looking for at the Centrum Beeldende Kunst Rotterdam. Our learned staff at Art Office welcomes the chance to guide you through what's happening in Rotterdam. But for those of you who rather surf through the cities artists community this website can be particularly useful. Here you can find all sorts of information about Rotterdam, its artists and their work.


Looking for a special gift for a business acquaintance? Producing a festival you?d like to involve artists in? How is such involvement financially possible? Commissioning principles, curators, collectors and other interested persons use our facilities daily by browsing this site. Our documentation is often used as an intermediary between artists and prospective principals.

Art commissions

The Centrum Beeldende Kunst Rotterdam commissions art, a selection of these projects can be found on the CBK site.

Centrum Beeldende Kunst Rotterdam / Center for Visual Arts in Rotterdam
Information about offerings and activities of our organization can be found at: (main site) (exhibition space at Witte de Withstraat) (art in public spaces)