2016_Koen Taselaar

Welcome at Rotterdamsekunstenaars.nl. the site of Art Office, one of the main programmes of CBK Rotterdam.

Please note that the English version of this site is under construction! Check the Dutch version for more complete information!

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Mette Sterre O&O

Register as a Rotterdam based artist at CBK Rotterdam

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O&O 1796 Melle Smets 3

Research and Development grant (de Regeling Ontwikkeling en Onderzoek) for Rotterdam based artists registered at CBK.

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2016_Investeringsbijdrage Freek van Arkel 2

Regeling Investeringsbijdragen, for Rotterdam based commisions

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2016_Fonds Kwadraat Simon Schrikker

Rent free loans for Rotterdam based artists to realize projects, exhibitions, publications.

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O_O_ 1900_peeters_ desserts horizontaal

Toekenningen 2016, please check the Dutch version of this site for a complete overview.

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Rotterdamsekunstenaars.nl is the site of Art Office, one of the main programs of CBK Rotterdam. On this site you can find information about Rotterdam-based artists (database) and artists can find information how to register and finance their ideas and projects (Information for artists). Contact us by sending an e-mail to artoffice@cbkrotterdam.nl or calling: 010 2092145/2092144 (thuesday - wednesday- thursday)

Rotterdam artists exhibitions

Anuli Croon

t/m 6 November

Daphne Bom

29 October t/m 24 November
Rotterdam Zuid

Gil & Moti

5 Nov 2016 t/m 8 Jan 2017

Petra Laaper

4 t/m 24 November


1 January 2017

Recently signed up


Dennis van Vreden

installations, media arts, performance art

Pilar Mata Dupont

film, photography, video art


sculpture, installations, video art

Sandra Touw

painting, drawing


Looking for a special gift

2015_Art Office

Looking for a special gift for a business acquaintance? Producing a festival you'd like to involve artists in? How is such involvement financially possible? Commissioning principles, curators, collectors and other interested persons use our facilities daily by browsing this site. Our documentation is often used as an intermediary between artists and prospective principals. Contact us artoffice@cbkrotterdam.nl